Update 2020

I haven’t written much in a while, on here or anywhere. I’ve been applying for jobs which has been a yearly thing past couple years (academia) while also working. Hoping things work out this time around. Dennis Cooper picked Drain Songs for a favorite of 2019, which was nice. People have had kind reactions to Peripatet as well, my first nonfiction book. I had a piece up at Lit Hub on plagiarism and writing. Flamingos, Postures, and a new collection of short fiction will be published in 2020 by 11:11 Press out of Minneapolis, which is very exciting. I’m calling the three together “Bleach book,” and I guess it’s sort of an omnibus thing. I added a piece to the end of Postures that sees that book’s X join with Flamingos’ Flamingos, and I like the idea of these earlier books all working together. 11:11 was also just super nice in agreeing to do them all together. They should be in nice, small editions, and will be available either on their own, or all together for a deal. Other than that I’ve got some longer more academic/nonfiction stuff that might work out. One is a book on pro wrestling, the other would be a book for the 33 1/3rd series on Joy Division’s Closer. I was lucky one year to make it to the finals in their call for proposals for a book on Iggy Pop’s The Idiot, so I kept trying to submit for that. It didn’t work out, so I’ve just accepted I’m not writing that book. I’ve already written about Ian Curtis at the end of his life and a bit on that record, though, so it seems a good fit. I like Chris Ott’s book on Unknown Pleasures as well, so we’ll see. I should have a longer story about a serial killer out soon, somewhere, but we’ll see. It’ll be in the new collection and gives that book its title, Bleach.

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